New papers!

We’ve had several papers published from the lab over the last few months – what follows is a quick review.

First, we published a paper co-authored with former graduate student Catie Duckett in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance titled “Domain-general biases in spatial localization: Evidence against a distorted body model hypothesis“.  In it, we use evidence from a number of experiments to challenge the current hypothesis that our representation of the size and shape of our body is distorted.  Instead, we demonstrate that these distortion effects are more likely due to domain-general biases in spatial memory.

Second, I contributed to a Scholarpedia entry on perceived location of touch with Jack Brooks, a graduate student at the University of New South Wales.

Finally, Simon Fischer-Baum (Rice University) and I wrote a paper for an upcoming Special Issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology on “Theoretical and Methodological Issues for Twenty-First Century Cognitive Neuropsychology.”  In our article, “Single case cognitive neuropsychology in the age of big data“, we discuss reasons for the perceived decline in cognitive neuropsychological research in the last twenty years, some perils in “big data” approaches that are being proposed for understanding cognitive processes, and then note how combining neural data and behavioral data from single case studies in brain-damaged individuals can further develop theories of mind and brain.