New paper on the tactile Simon effect in Acta Psychologica

We recently published a paper in Acta Psychologica with recent undergraduate Patrick Reyes and two collaborators at the University of Edinburgh, Elena Gherri and Nik Theodoropoulos. In it, we found novel evidence for an externally-based, hand-centered tactile Simon effect, and that it varied based on salience.

Two additional notes on this paper. First, this was our first preregistered paper, and all data and scripts can be found on OSF. Many thanks to Patrick for all his work on the analyses and maintaining the OSF site for this project. Preregistration was fun, and we’re looking forward to doing more of this. Second, this collaboration occurred by chance, as I saw Dr. Gherri giving a presentation on a very similar project. We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to join forces and collaborate, resulting in this paper and additional collaborations in the future.