Principal Investigator


Jared Medina (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins)
Assistant Professor
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Post-Doctoral Researcher

Graduate Students

Research Assistant

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Alumni

Abigail Novick – Graduate student in Psychology – Princeton University

Emily Baumert – Medical student – Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Sam Cason – Research Assistant, Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation – University of Pennsylvania

Michael Grzenda – Graduate student in Materials Science & Engineering – Rutgers University

Carrie DePasquale – Graduate student in Psychology – University of Minnesota

Megan Ziegler – Physical Therapy residency – Johns Hopkins University

Kaylee Viets – Graduate student in Communication Sciences and Disorders – Columbia University

Stephanie Rodgers – Scientist – QPS Holdings

Abigail Osborne – Graduate student in School-Clinical Child Psychology – Yeshiva University

Patrick Reyes – Lab Manager, Culture and Emotion Lab – Stanford University

Cathy Nadar – Research Assistant, Epstein Lab – University of Pennsylvania